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I had no idea that the Alhambra was so difficult to book.  They keep strict control of the numbers that can visit to rightly protect its integrity and this results in months long wait lists.  To overcome this I was able to get a mid week ticket with a guided tour as I was booking in the early season and wasn’t too fussy about when I could go.  Unfortunately, just on the day of my visit the storm clouds that would plague Granada for the next week rolled into town so I did not spend as much time as I would have liked in the Generalife gardens.  We were simply not prepared for the turn in the weather with everyone in flip flops and tee-shirts – one poor stylish chap had to scarper to the gift shop to pickup a very trendy Alhambra jumper.

Like all highly sought after sights, the tourists are the biggest frustration of the Alhambra.  In my particular tour group, there was a young girl who insisted on taking a video of everything she saw – standing right in front of the vista with her camera phone.  This ment everyone else had to jostle around her in the limited time afforded to each area and no one was assertive enough to ask her to step aside.

Regardless, even the photos I did take could not convey the breathtaking beauty and complexity of the Alhambra.  The ornate plasterwork is like nothing I had ever seen before especially at such a grand scale.  Photos of the rooms do them no justice as you cannot fully experience the depth of the detail.  This is one sight that you just have to see to believe (but book in advance!).

Photos from the Alhambra


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