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One of the most fascinating places I visited in Berlin was Yaam – a little island of awesome in the middle of the city.  This one is not for the well heeled, it is an urban beach club and social collective with an African twist.  The food is delicious and served from trailer kitchens – sweet potato and plantain fries.  The site is a mishmash of little shops, food stalls, hangout spaces and a fantastic beach bar all decorated with terrific graffiti.

This is a multi use space that is all about inclusion and socialisation from basketball and volleyball courts to a really cute little kids play area.  They welcome refugees with open arms and stage regular concerts and DJ events.  It is impossible not to be charmed by this terrific, chilled oasis in the city.

However, if rumours are to believed – the developers who have bought the derelict building behind it and intend to put up… you guessed it… luxury apartments intend to fight to close Yaam as it doesn’t suit their vision.  Of course it doesn’t – luxury apartments for the wealthy few or an urban collective for the good of all.  Now that’s what I call anti-social behaviour.


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