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If there is one thing you need to know about Spain and specifically Andalusia – they love their festivals.  I arrived fresh from Berlin, with a mountain of work to catch up on but I had not factored in the disruption of Cruz de Mayo which ment that the city was effectively closed from Friday to Tuesday.  The internet in my apartment was poor and the co-working space I was hoping to work from was closed so there was nothing for it except to get out and enjoy the festivities.

It was a great lesson on life in Andalusia though – I was trying to fit my work all hours schedule into Spanish time and it just doesn’t go.  Everything about southern Spain lulls you into its gentle, happy pace of life and slowly over the next few weeks I succumbed to this new rhythm.  Up early, a sharp coffee to get your on your way, desayuno around 10am, lunch and a snooze if you are out and about in the heat.  Then tapas and a few glasses of tinto around 9pm with friends.

That first weekend I had no choice but to grab a guide to the crazy crosses and join the hordes of people making pilgrimage to the scattered sites in the 30 degree heat and it was a real treat.  The huge, floral crosses – surrounded by ornate decoration and sometimes surreal music were the centre pieces for social gathering all over the city.  Locals came out in style in their flamenco costumes – a riot of colour and culture.  I got my bearings with the winding streets that day and started to feel familiar with the layout of Granada before I returned to my apartment and collapsed into a contented, heat induced coma for a much needed siesta!

Cruz De Mayo Gallery


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