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Phil had to leave for work after a week of the trip to Berlin and I know that traveling alone is character building but I infinitely prefer to share experiences.  There are nothing like the days spent with best friends – laughing, drinking, engaged in deep discussion and most importantly easy silence.  Cue the arrival of my good friend and ever so slightly cracked Corkonian Melissa The Social Bee Curley.  Yes – some friends require a fanfare as an introduction!

After a rocky start – a very cold, windy and slightly hungover walking tour of Berlin – the weather brightened and our remaining days were stunning, sunlit and filled with aimless wandering adventure.  Two Irish girls, several local beers and open pavement led us to unexpectedly tumble across Legiendamm – an urban oasis with a beautiful cafe on the waters edge.

Food is always on the top of our agenda so we frequented falafel joints, veggie restaurants, the Turkish Market in Neukolln and the terrific Markthalle Neu.  A sprinkling of culture between the eating and drinking – The Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Jewish Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie and the East Side Gallery gave Melissa a quick overview of Berlin’s incredible history.

Her whirlwind three day tour ended with a delicious curry at a fantastic little vegetarian restaurant near Urban Spree.  It would have to end with food – perfect!




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