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About Us

We are slow travelling daydreamers trying to make our own way in the world. Dublin is our base at the moment but we are heading for Berlin at the end of March and would love to meet up with locals and other digital nomads there!

Food is a constant joy and battle as we are both veggie and Phil is also a coeliac. This is a journal of our adventures in slow travel and food.

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Designer & Photographer

Orla is a photographer, graphic and web designer and is always on the lookout for a new adventure.  She is always interested in new ideas, technology and opportunities while still fascinated by old bookshops, cosy cafes and seeing the world through other peoples eyes.



Head chef and guitar junkie

Phil is a lifelong guitar junkie and Thin Lizzy fan – how did his parents know :-)?  He’s a Tele man who loves his Lazy J, scouting for vinyl and Liverpool FC – seriously!  After being diagnosed as coeliac over 6 years ago he has become a fantastic amateur vegetarian chef and cooks all our meals – except breakfasts – thats Orla’s job!

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